Our Dogs

Here you can see some past dogs and some present dogs - all of these have been a part of the Valhalla Ridge Farm Toy Fox Terrier breeding program & family.

Valhalla Ridge Apollo is one of our senior studs and has
produced some gorgeous puppies for us. He has classic foundation bloodlines and passes his wonderful personality to his offspring.
Late Valhalla Ridge Bonita Hunter was one of the foundation studs for our farm and a truly gracious gentleman.
Valhalla Ridge Roger Ramjet- one of our studs. He has produced some gorgeous puppies for us and everyone who comes here falls in love with him instantly. Roger weighs 6 pounds but has a BIG DOG attitude.
Valhalla Ridge Elmo, a very handsome white & tan boy, at the age of 11 months. Elmo - one of our studs.
Valhalla Ridge Oprah Winfrey - one of our past females.

Valhalla Ridge Abby Dabba Do - 6 pounds of pure charisma.
Valhalla Ridge Evie - 6 pounds of love and personality!

Valhalla Ridge Rose & Valhalla Ridge Violet - How could you look at these little faces and NOT fall in Love? Several of our adoptive owners have taken home two puppies at one time and had excellent results.
Bunch of dogs under my desk - Toy Fox Terriers are very happy just to be in your company. They enjoy sharing your day - even if they nap through most of it!
"Girltalk" - Oprah Winfrey gave birth to one of these puppies and her 6 month old cousin is "just visiting". Toy Fox Terriers are so
family-oriented that it is not uncommon for them to "adopt" and
foster-raise other mother's puppies.
Babies in the dog house - Exposing the puppies to the "pack" of older dogs seems to give them the best of both worlds. Lots of human love and attention, and the socialization required to make them a
well-rounded individual.
Even though they might be little, they fill up a BIG place in your heart!
Valhalla Ridge Hugo 9 weeks - This little guy is an excellent example of the puppies our farm produces. Intelligence, beautiful confirmation, and outgoing attitude - all in one little package.
Roger's crew - There is nothing more rewarding than being able to enjoy a day with a bunch of healthy, happy, beautiful puppies! Always something new and entertaining going on!
Typical afternoon at the homestead! There are four generations here and we're STILL having fun!
Stress on a Sunday afternoon (?)
Furniture upholstered in "dogs":
This little couch is beside my desk in the dog house. I used to have a comfortable office chair, but they stole that too. Now, I have to sit on a wooden stool while they lay in my chair and
Here's Annie X Roger's baby, Riley.
He sure looks "cocky", doesn't he?
Here's just a cute little "snapshot" of Roger, Idgy, and the puppies taking a nap. Idgy uses her teddy bear for a pillow sometimes to keep the other dogs from stealing it, I think!

Lounging Ladies - Just a really cute picture of a lazy afternoon. Kinda captures the glory of Spring, don't you think??
Are we handsome or what??
Here's our dogs playing in the doghouse during the afternoon.
This is one of Dori X Roger's puppies - Quite a handsome young man, isn't he?
One addition to the Valhalla Ridge Dog Family - "Miss Lydia". A real "heart-stealer".
This is Sipsy and Roger's baby girl, on her third day at
her new home.
People are often asking if these dogs "get along with other animals" - well we found a litter of kittens in the horse barn. There were 4 of them - just getting their eyes open so they were only about 3 weeks old. Dirty, sore eyed, and starving. We took them into the Dog House. Gave them baths and some medications, fed them with an eyedropper and put them in a nice clean kennel cab on my desk. Our Peanut jumped up on the desk, went in the crate, and STARTED NURSING THE KITTENS!! She's still "mothering" them - one is pretty weak but the other 3 are doing great! I had to take pictures 'cause no one would believe a TFT would do that!
When this puppy was born, I named her Athena. The new family bought her as a present for this gorgeous little girl --- guess what, the daughter's name is? Athena!
One of our babies from last fall - one true cutie!
Naptime in the Dog House - Notice there is a 'very strange looking' dog right in the middle of the pile!!
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